Dutton Garage was

born of a dream

– a car lover’s dream – to create a truly unique and iconic showroom in Australia like no other, positioning itself at the forefront of the global collectible car world, offering the best, most sought after luxury, prestige, exotic, rare, classic and vintage cars from across the world.

Our global buying power and international network enables us to source, purchase and sell vehicles for buyers world-wide.

Managed and run by passionate car experts and motoring enthusiasts, we are the largest Australian luxury car wholesaler with more than forty buyers nationwide purchasing and selling over 13,000 cars annually.

Dutton Sporting Cars has a lineage that brings over a hundred years of classic car expertise. First established in 1911 by Albert Octavius Dutton – the Dutton brand has a legacy of auto racing in Australia that is beyond compare.

Adding to this is a hybrid team of race car enthusiasts, engineers and drivers that make Dutton Motorsports. Dutton Motorsports has an illustrious history on the race track and a dazzling future as part of Dutton Garage. These three forces combine to make the Dutton Garage dream team.

Buying a collectible car at Dutton Garage is a hassle free turnkey experience. One of our qualified team members will manage a full door-to-door delivery process of your collectible car.

Other turnkey services include:

  • Full engine and body restorations.
  • Extensive race preparations of historic and modern race cars.

For the latest offerings visit our showroom or jump online at www.duttongarage.com.